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Finally, your manuscript is done. However, this is not the time to rest as a crucial step is remaining. In many cases, publishers require a manuscript from the writers that would then be forwarded to the printers and online platforms. As such, this manuscript holds immense weight and must be written in the best way possible. Any form of error, no matter how simple it may be can affect your publishing process and may ruin your credibility. At FinestEditing, we pay special attention and ensure that your manuscript is free of any grammatical, punctuation, typography and spelling mistakes before it reaches the publishing phase.

As a manuscript is a blueprint that the book will be based on, it is essential to detect and rectify any mistakes as soon as possible. Our proofreading team is meticulous in performing a swift assessment of the documents and mark any issues they encounter. Common areas for improvement include structure, conciseness, content relevancy and impact. On a deeper level, our certified proofreaders not only assess your document for overall quality and tone but also the effect it leaves on its readers. If publishing a bestselling book was a culinary art, then our proofreaders are nothing less than master chefs.

  • Sentence by sentence proofreading
  • Thematic & Storyline correction
  • Cost-effective & reliable services
  • Short stories, Novellas & novels
  • Style & tone improvements
  • Notes & improvement suggestions
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As manuscripts go on to become record-breaking books, there is no wonder why there are so many people involved in this line. Any publishing company out there is definitely going to ask for a manuscript to assess whether a document is worth publishing. In this situation, not only does the manuscript needs to be up to standards in the content department, but also be free of any error that may show writer inexperience. However, errors can also creep into the works of experienced writers, making it necessary for them to take the help of proofreading services.

Therefore, your manuscripts need to be proofread by our qualified team of professionals that are experienced in a wide range of manuscripts. Although proofreading can be done by anyone. There are a few differences between a professional and an amateur doing the task. To start, professionals are well-versed with the kinds of mistakes writers make and can target them specifically. This is in opposition to an amateur proofreader, who will essentially go into each manuscript blind. Secondly, a professional can get the work done in less than half the time it takes an amateur can do while giving you twice the quality. Thirdly, an experienced proofreader can offer you valid and precise suggestions to improve your writing style, while an amateur can only provide you with point-to-point instructions.

In any case, our expert manuscript proofreaders are capable of delivering world-class manuscripts that will be accepted by any reputable publishing house. This is also the best way to get a service that delivers documents exactly as per your specifications.

We have provided a service that has led to hundreds of satisfied clients, students and enterprises. In fact, this satisfaction is what keeps us going.

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As we are a proofreading service, adding new content is beyond our domain. We believe in delivering a document that is complete as per your specification and retains the unique feel you have given it.

Although common text formats such as .doc, .docx, and .txt are accepted, there is a possibility that we can also cater to other formats. Do not hesitate to contact us if your work is in a different format.

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