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The Best Content Marketing Platform for Creating Content

Marketing today has evolved drastically; marketers are now able to showcase their content to the audience very easily. New platforms have been emerging that have made the life of marketers easier. Because of this content marketing has gained popularity and has become an industry of its own. Marketers are now able to own media and audience’s attention by constantly producing new engaging content and impacting their consumer behavior. The main purpose of content marketing is to produce such content that helps consumers purchase either a service or a product. This content helps them decide and leads them towards a purchase decision. This is a mutual benefit, for you as your product gets sold and for the customer as they are able to get the best product. Planning, collaborating and content creation is a difficult thing to do. You need a proper platform to do it properly. Marketers have been using old school tools such as spreadsheets and emails. However in today’s time there are new and more advanced tools that you can use for the up streaming of marketing operations. These platforms are a great resource; marketers can easily use them for all of their marketing operations such as collaborating, planning and creating content. These software are a one stop solution. There are several content marketing platforms available to marketers now, all of them have different purposes and but the biggest aim is to produce content and get it marketed to the targeted audience. Because of these platforms, marketers are able to save a lot of time and effort. However it is important you choose the best one that fits your needs perfectly. Below is a comprehensive list of the best content marketing platforms and their specifications. Read them carefully and choose the one that works for you.

1) StoryChief

This platform permits its users to produce and publish content across different mediums. You can use it to create articles and publish them on sites like Word press and others like it. It also enables you to share your articles on social media platform as well. Marketing managers can use this platform to review the work of their counterparts and collaborate with them to produce better content. Its special features include notifications that notify team members if there is something new uploaded for them to review. You just need to make the link public and people can easily view it but in the read-only mode. You can even view the progress of your article and see how many times people have clicked on it and opened it. Moreover you can see the monthly progress of your team with their special feature of content calendar, this is a great tool to be organized and team leaders can keep an eye on what is going on. The interface of this software is easy on the eyes and easy to understand. This software is priced at 10$ per month but its just the starting price. You can also avail the free trial.

2) Hubspot

It is a marketing and sales software. It focuses on helping you grow your traffic and enables you to increase your sales by converting more visitors. Using its sale features you can set tasks on automation, understand the details in a better way and make more business by making more deals in a shorter amount of time. Hubspot offers great tools you can use to create your content and market it to the targeted audience quicker and more effectively. Using Hubspot you can start a blog and learn the specifics of SEO. Moreover you can also use it for your personal website or construct your website on Hubspot as it doubles as a content management system too. Using its sales features you can spread your wings and communicate with a large number of customers. It also offers various communication mediums you can use to communicate with the customers. You can also save the correspondence for any references. It is a great system that marketers can use for all of their content creation and other purposes. It is free to use for the general population of marketers but the enterprise version is priced at 3200$ monthly.

3) Hemmingway Editor

This software offers services including Proofreading Services Online. Content creators can use it to pen down their content and the editor will simultaneously check it for all sorts of errors. You can use it online or download it on your device to produce error-free content. The best feature of this software is that it can be integrated into other systems and help you produce great content there as well such as word press and more like it. This software functions by highlighting all you errors using different colors and a color has been specified for a single kind of errors. It not only highlights grammatical or spelling errors but it will also tell you if your sentence structure is weak or that it does not make much sense. You can also indentify the difficulty level to judge if your targeted audience will be able to read it or not. There are also tools available on the software that can help you format your document and export it to other software. You can also use Pdf and Microsoft word to save your work. Content creators must use a good editor as there are many mistakes we make that go over looked. Using Hemmingway editor is a great way to eradicate any flaws and produce high quality content.

4) Percolate

This software that helps you manage content in every aspect. You can manage your social media, content and your brand too. Using its library, you can store all your content in one place. You can also organize your content into sub-categories. It is very easy to use and you can send or receive the content to customers easily. It is the perfect software for you to simultaneously work and link all your social media accounts. It enables you to plan and automate post schedules so that the content gets posted on various social media accounts without delay. You can even work ahead and add things to your schedule. It is available on your smart phone too so you can track your progress while you are on the go. 

5) Clear voice

Clear voice doubles as a content management platform and also a freelancing website. Using this you can hire the best freelancers to help you with the content creation or editing. Other than this you can use it for organizing all your data and resources. You can even view the work of your team members and make necessary edits. It is also very useful in tracking work of freelancers. You can send automated emails to them to check up on their progress.  Clear voice costs its users a $249 per month for the standard package and $1449 for the managed plan.

These are some of the best content management platforms that will enable you to create high quality content along with the right marketing and customer engagement. Go to their websites and read up more about them to be able to make an informed decision. 

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