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The 9 Best Tools for Proofreading Your Online Content

If you have written any piece of content for your own website, or for someone else’s, you will be aware of how worrisome the task might be. Although writing for your own website does give you some freedom creatively, that simply isn’t the case when writing for an external client. Writing is a process of continuous improvement, but that wouldn’t make it acceptable to leave errors and inconsistencies in a piece and call it a day. There needs to be an analytical phase after the writing, which would allow you to gain insights into the content being written.  The days where a writer sat manually, pen and paper in hand, correcting any mistakes, have gone. Proofreading and editing depend upon the use of tools that greatly streamline the process.

For the most part, the editing and proofreading part is integral to writing a solid piece, making it a dumb decision to overlook. The content needs t proofreading and editing correctly to elevate its level and make it stand out.

To make that easy, you can find our list of the best tools online for proofreading below. At the time of writing, the tools mentioned were some of the best we could find, and we would encourage you to try multiple tools and see what best for you.


Among the most intuitive tools on the internet, Grammarly is a versatile tool or editing and proofreading. In terms of the interface alone, there is nothing that leaves room for confusion. After you have uploaded an article to its portal, or have written text in a compatible box, the application springs into action. As soon as you start typing the words down, you will notice a red line forming below some of your sentences. These lines are nothing to fret about, as they show you where you might’ve made a mistake, or whether something could’ve been written better. The free version of the application is amazing on its own, although you are free to purchase the paid version and enjoy features such as a plagiarism scanner and get custom writing improvements to provide Outstanding Proofreading Services.


Compared to the previous tool, this one is kind of different. If you despise proofreading yourself, you can simply send your files over to Essayroo, and they would be more than glad to handle the task for you. Being a content writer, you might know how to handle more than one task at a time. Although it would be better to concentrate fully on the task at hand before moving onto the next one, returning to a task with a fresh mind is often a great idea. Performing the same action over and over does get repetitive, and to keep your mind fresh, a change in work would be ideal. However, there is no use worrying as you can confidently send Essayroo your articles, and they are well equipped to return the proofread papers in as little as a few hours.


When writing content, you might’ve come across a time where you would simply be mashing your keyboards, desperately trying to type something relevant and intelligible. To make that a possibility, you need to first write something down on paper and then proofread it to remove the excess, irrelevant data. This process isn’t fixed though, as you might have to perform multiple passes to make the document look exactly like you envisioned it.

The tool here is quite simple to use. It is an extension of your word processor, and is useful in opening the document for proofreading and clicking the rake button. You will be able to view the corrections and be able to choose the edits that are taking place.


If you were to look around the feature list of EditMinion from an analytical perspective, you wouldn’t notice any major changes from any other service available on the internet. However, when you find out that this tool has a feature that allows you to detect any overused and ineffective words, you would definitely want to get it. 

Another trait that is a welcome addition is the ability to switch certain kinds of mistakes on or off. This is a great thing as it allows you to rectify particular errors from your writing, especially if you feel that the rest of your writing is already top-notch.

Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot is a simple tool that allows you to check for any errors in your writing. A big positive is the fact that it’s free and available online. If you feel that you haven’t made a mistake, and the application has detected a false positive, you can provide corrections, essentially teaching the tool.

After you have entered your text and obtained the result, you will be able to see how readable your piece is. For any kind of writing, you need to have an idea about how it’s written. Luckily, you can use Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level, SMOG, and Coleman Liau standards to tune your article until it’s readable for its intended audience. 


Online marketers are going to love this tool as its design serves them well. If you primarily work on a web browser such as Chrome and Firefox, this tool has you covered, as it’s also available in the form of an extension. For simplicity, this tool has an integrated word processor, which allows you to directly type text into it. From there, you just have to click the check button and watch as your article evolves.


Another intuitive proofreading tool, Hemingway is one of the most powerful weapons in any proofreader’s arsenal. By opting for a completely online, and easy to use interface, both professional and amateurs alike can use this app efficiently. Perhaps the best part about this tool is that errors that are found are colour coded for easy identification. This is miles better than having a simple question mark over a possible mistake and having to figure out what’s wrong yourself.


This amazing tool is extremely versatile as it can be used one of two ways. You can both download the standalone application and use it as is, or use a cloud-based version that supports a variety of operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OSX. A cool feature of this structure is simply the fact that you can design your own style guide from the ground up, and make the app follow it.


Online spelling checkers have received some bad press lately. Many proofreaders and editors insist that online tools often make their documents sound a little too robotic, or fail to detect errors that subtle enough. However, with the rate online tools are evolving at, that will be an issue long forgotten.

Grammark is among the high tier online proofreading tools available. There are several different areas you can improve while using this tool. Once the tool is all set, you just have to copy and paste the content to its box, and let it work its magic. The final result would be nothing less than pleasing. 

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