Managing Tips for Managing Editors

What is a managing editor? A managing editor is someone who manages content production, freelancers or employees writing the content and works on big projects. A managing editor works to put together different pieces and lead a team, they also work with other team leaders such as sales and marketing and come up with different [...]

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Five Ways to Convince Editors You Can Write for a New Niche

Jumping from one niche to the other is a very risky jump for writers. It takes a lot of consideration, strength and a solid mindset to start writing in a different niche. You need to be very confident in yourself to be venturing into new niches and working on them professionally. This field of work [...]

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Boost Your E-book Sale – Hire an E-book Editor

Writing an E-book is a very exhausting task. You keep writing for days on end, in sickness and in health. You spend countless hours trying to come up with the best of the best content. You go through extreme pressure trying to make sure everything is perfect and there are no mistakes.  From planning out [...]

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