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How Artificial Intelligence is helping you to complete your study

Covid-19 has been spreading rapidly around the world; it has disrupted the economic, social, financial, cultural, educational systems of every country. Not only at the macro level but also at the individual level, this virus has affected the day to day study routine of every apprentice. Almost all countries around the world took protective measures to mitigate the spread by imposing lockdowns, restricting public gatherings, closing educational institutions. However, keeping complete lockdowns and the closure of schools was proving too unbeneficial for everyone. With lockdowns, people started facing severe financial problems; students were kept away from their study, delaying their exams, promotions to the next classes, graduations, etc. Alternatives solutions were necessary. Therefore, instead of lockdowns, smart lockdowns are being imposed, which allow business for a short period daily. Institutions have shifted education to an online mode, known as ‘blended learning’ some confuse blended learning as Presentation PowerPoint Online.

Grade I Artificial Intelligence

Information technology has digitalized this system of education. With rapid technological advancements, there are all kinds of applications available to assist in teaching. One of the major applications used worldwide to conduct classes is via Zoom. So, Zoom is a video communication service that provides video telephony and online chat facility for a distant meeting, telecommunicating, conducting conferences. It is an application fully equipped with every type of tool needed for teaching. One can find video boards, video sharing, screen sharing, recording, and many more options to facilitate the learning process. Both the teacher and student can use these options. Zoom even provides the alternative to expel someone out of the study meetings if required.

Another most used platform to study is via Microsoft teams. It is a part of the Microsoft 365 family, developed for the use of distant business communication and is now widely used by schools. It simulates the environment of classrooms onto an online platform.

Grade II Artificial Intelligence

Apart from these two platforms, social media applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook have kept the students and teachers interacting. These places serve as a source of constant communication between the student and teacher. A student may ask the teacher about his study by posting on WhatsApp or Facebook groups, and teachers can answer them at any time. Teacher’s assistants shall organize one on one session for students. The option of recording lectures has provided the students with the facility to rewatch the lessons or to have the full lecture experience if they miss one for some reason.

The presence of tools and software such as PowerPoint online, presentation editing have made life easier for students. It has waved off the burden of carrying USBs laptops to institutes or getting print out of huge documents. Now students can easily share their desktop, mobile screen and share their work with the teacher. This mode of education is different from the traditional ways the increased use of technology and gadgets have attracted the students to learn and gain more knowledge. It helps to increase proficiency in the use of computers, applications. Not just applications but devices such as Wacom, stylus, and cameras help students and teachers to interact more efficiently.

Grade III Artificial Intelligence

Deliverance of lectures is not the only part of educational assessments, and projects are also necessary. Therefore, a platform to conduct online exams is also required. Some applications monitor the students while they do their exams so, if the student switches a tab, uses some other gadget, or does any suspicious movement, this software ends the exam for that particular student.

The software must show a warning. During the exam, each warning would account for a compound strike. Once a student reaches three compound strikes, the software shall stop the exam. If the software starts saving the video after the first strike, the teacher could view the video while grading. Not all schools and teachers this sophisticated of technology. Some take exams via zoom; students give exams with their cameras on while invigilators monitor them. After completion of the exam, systems require students to scan their pages using different scanning applications and email or WhatsApp to their teachers or upload on learning management systems.

Artificial Intelligence – The Machine Evolution

Technology has made it easier to study in these surviving times. The student communities are grateful to presentation editors for providing short notice deliveries. If it were not for this software, students would face enormous hurdles in barely passing. The software shall automate communication for teachers and students to complete the syllabuses. By using software, modern gadgets, application, students can keep in touch with their teachers from anywhere.

Most Advanced Projects

Chinese primary school teachers could find out if any student is not paying attention. Chinese schools have installed high-tech gadgets to monitor students’ concentration towards the teacher. The Chinese government has pooled in billions of dollars to put together resources that include thousands of cameras, heat sensors, neuro-activity sensors.

Parents were eager to find out the results of this huge-scale experiment in the educational field.  Hence most of them felt proud to know, such a project has valued their students enough to consider them for admissions. The school and parents have agreed upon the usage of several infra-red, sonar, and radioactive equipment over children. Most of these systems monitor the external and internal behavior of a child. School’s AI saves information for each student as an individual identity. Every student’s smartphone usage, readings, writings are analyzed to create comfortable environments for learning. 

Humans seem to improve every-day. Constructivism techniques in science and information technology lead us to the brilliant quantum era. IBM has invented the first quantum computer in the world. According to the spokesperson at IBM, the computer calculates based on 6 possibilities. Unlike our transistor-based computers that only calculate 2 possibilities. Soon by the year 2030, the world could witness machines performing automated surgeries over live subjects. A French computer scientist has created an algorithm that can diagnose your disease based on your symptoms and responses to a questionnaire. It can read complex organ-related reports and suggest possible treatments alongside the average success rate for each treatment. World Health Organization has funded the project further and has been observing accuracy. The machine needs to go through 2 billion tests before anyone could use it for commercial purposes.

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