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Five Tools to Help You Create Interactive Marketing Content

To be able to be successful in this online marketing business it is essential for you to create a content that is interactive and would gauge the complete attention of your audience and leave them wanting more. There is a great competition between content marketers where different marketers are coming up with different great ideas to engage their audience. Because of its interesting nature these marketers are getting more and more success with each passing day. Their content is easy on the eyes and quick to understand. You don’t have to spend eons just to understand what the content says and what is being marketed to you. The secret of successful content creation that appeals to the masses is the usage of certain tools that enable them to produce the perfect content. Here are 5 tools that will come in handy when you set out to produce a great piece of content.

1) Snap App

This platform the enables content creators to create their content in an interactive way. You can use this platform to create things such as info graphics, quizzes and questionnaires along with different kind of videos the possibility is endless. It further provides you a space to make new leads and work on them. You can learn a lot from the resources they have available and mould your content according to their guidelines. Furthermore, this application allows you to use it with different kind of symptoms. You don’t have worry about it not being compatible with yours. You can use it with HubSpot, SalesForce and many more. This will also help you produce and maintain more leads. Using Snap App will help you understand the intent of the buyer that can in turn influence your content and make it more targeted. These interactive mediums of content are more effective in engaging audience rather than just using words. Pictures are more appealing as per the popular saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. Thus using Snap App will help you produce interactive content as well as targeted content. 

2) Weby Clip

Weby Clip works great for people who run a shop online. It provides different tools that help you market your content better for example the Snap and Shop feature. This feature enables customers to compare the pictures of the product they want online and find them in your catalogue. This helps them in easily accessing similar products and you in getting increased sales.  Because of such handy features customers are drawn to your site and you get the reward by the evident increase of sales. Furthermore, their interactive feature of video making helps you in making videos that are very engaging and enable you to make certain videos wher they can participate and navigate on their own. They can select the product from options and that would lead to more details and similar products. This brings accessibility to your site and ease to the customers. Many commerce retailers use Weby Clip as it is a great source f not only sky rocketing sales but also production of content that guarantees customer engagement. e-commerce is usually very boring using Weby Clip you can add life to your site.

3) Mapme

Mapme is a mapping site that helps its users constructs different interactive maps. These maps are very attractive and fun to navigate through. You can use 3-dimensional buildings along with different photos and videos regarding each place. You get very creative with these tools and contrast a variety of maps for different kinds of businesses. You can use cutesy icons or if you prefer to you can use the images you have. Moreover, you can add all sorts of descriptions that will add more information to your interactive content and make informative content. You can also edit the maps and add more locations or other elements as you please.  Other than maps you can also design tours from one place to another. This will be very interesting for your audience and they will thoroughly enjoy it. If you want to you can design filters to divide maps or locations into different categories, this will help your audience to access the location or the map they want to, easily. You will also be provided with detailed reports on your map traffic and you can make changes in the light of the report to increase the traffic. It is very easy to use there is no type of coding at all and you don’t even have to download it. Mapme gives you complete liberty to design the map of your dreams.

4) Vizia

Vizia helps you take video making to the next level. It is not an ordinary video making application. Most videos are just moving pictures with subtitles. Videos at Vizia are more interactive and include different features that enhance the mere experience of video watching. Vizia helps you construct questionnaires, polls and other interactive models to use in-between the video. This is very interactive and a great tool to get immediate feedback or suggestions that can help you communicate with the masses and improve your content to bring in a larger number of audiences.  This tool is the best tool for you to construct such engaging videos. Vizia takes it a step further makes it even easier for you to share the videos on different platforms directly such as Tumbler, Weebly and many more. With th3e quizzes that you design you can provide your customers with the results of the quiz and give them an option to share it on different social media websites such as Face Book. Doing this will increase your publicity and you will get more data of the public that you can use to improve your content. You will be able to get a hold of different email addresses and use them to publicize your site.

5) Canva

Canva is a great site that helps you design pictures with content on it along with different info graphics such as charts and graphs. It is a one stop solution to produce eye catchy content. Canva is a very easy to use site and you can create some very interesting things in a very short amount of time. There are several templates you can use from the site or even create your own. The tools are very easy to use and will not waste your time and effort. There are different types of graphs you can choose from such as Bar graphs and pie-charts. The colors and infographics available are very colorful.

Use these tools in order to enhance your market and bring in more customers. Furthermore, other than interactive content as a content producer you must have the skills required to produce written content. However there are also different tools available such as Professional Proofreading Services that will help you perfect the written content you produce. Written content and interactive content go hand n hand thus they both should be carefully produced and using the best tools available. These five tools will make your site more successful than before. Be sure to use them to their full potential and let your creative juices flow.   

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