Five Keys to Improving Content Marketing for Your Freelance Business

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Five Keys to Improving Content Marketing for Your Freelance Business

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the production and distributing of creative content for a targeted audience. Content marketing is getting popular in the tech world. People are getting more and more involved as it is bringing them money. Bloggers are producing content on their particular niches and are attracting a large number of audiences. Every content producer and marketer is trying to reach a high position and that’s the reason for the increased competition. People are trying different writing strategies to make their content sound more interesting, is relevant to today’s world and is able engage a variety of people. The better their content is the more money they make along with further opportunities. In addition to this, content marketers running their own freelance business are also trying to work on different marketing strategies that will help them bring more audience. There are several techniques that can be used by freelancers that will help them improve their business. We will be looking at five key ideas that can be worked on improving content creation and content marketing.

Five Keys to Improving Content Marketing for Your Freelance Business:

Key #1

Select Your Target Audience

Whenever you preach an idea you do it to people concerned with it. A detergent salesman would not go and pitch his sales pitch to a bunch of teenagers; he will go to homes and present his pitch in front of house wives or even men who are at these homes. Why so? Teenagers have no relation with laundry; they won’t know the specifics and hence preaching to them will be useless. Instead you should link with those who have some sort of relation with what you are going to talk about. It’s a waste of time and effort. Same is the case with content marketing. You need to be able to decide what kind of people will be interested in the content I write and you should mostly target them when you market your content or your services. This will help you save time and effort and the people who will be interested in your content will come to you. Do not be greedy and think about writing something that everyone will like and be interested in. This is nearly impossible, people have different tastes and likes, your content might be interesting to come as it is based off of something that is of their interest. Some people will not enjoy your content as they are not generally interested in the topic or genre.

Key #2

Don’t Just Focus On Writing

Many content creators believe that producing a stellar blog is the only way they can gain a large number of audiences. This is a misconception. The key of success lies in the promotion of your content. If you managed to write a very engaging content with no flaws that too on a very trendy topic that does not mean that your work here is done.  How will the world see your amazing blog if you do not promote it on various sites? You must market your content on different plat forms. Do not just stick to one as it will limit your audience reach and your content will not reach its full potential in success.  A famous blogger has suggested new emerging bloggers to use the 20:80 ratio. This ratio suggests that you should put 20% of your effort in the actual writing of your blog and the rest of the 80% in the marketing and promotion of it. You may feel uneasy sharing the same blog on 10 different sites but that’s the best way to widen your horizons and engage a large number of people. Internet is now believed to be a basic necessity of life and people all over the globe now exist as identities on the internet. Taking this as your benefit, you should feel no shame or hesitance in sharing the same content everywhere.


Have A Social Media Presence

To improve your freelance business you need to be out there. Employers need to be able to communicate with you and try to find more about your life. They want to understand you enough to be able trust you with different orders. Thus you need to build a good profile on different social media sites and use it to engage with future employers. Try to avoid being outwardly political or hold radical opinion on things as it may be offensive to future employees and you end up loosing business. There are several communities that exist on such social media sites that are specifically for freelancers where employers put up advertisements or job proposals for different freelancing job opportunities. Freelancers can join these and take part in healthy discussions and shows case their talent to employers in chance of landing a job.  You will also get different marketing ideas and tips and tricks that you can use for content creation. You will have a great opportunity to learn from people around you.


Use E-mail Marketing

According to research E-mail marketing is a great way to market yourself and it brings in a large audience. You will be able to have more leads as these emails are easily sharable and can be shared with a large number of people. It is better than social media as it is more straightforward and there are not distractions as there are on social media. You will also be able to increase your sales you just need to be focused and send the right emails to the right people. You give individual attention to each email subscriber. Using emails in cheaper than any other marketing technique. There are also several tools available at a very low cost. Email is where you will find the most authentic leads and no trolls. On emails people are serious and down for business. If you are not a big fan of social media then the best option you have is to use e-mail marketing.


Write Content For Others

You may have heard of guest posting. It is very common for content producers to produce content for other sites and get it posted under their names. This is a great way to get exposure. You can get your best content published on a popular site and catch the eye of a variety of people, they will read your name and come looking for you. This is a great way to increase your audience and also get employment. Many employers read guest posts to hunt for good writers. If your content pleases them you will be able to get a good job.

Here are the 5 key elements you should pay more heed to attract good audience and produce a great content. For example if you are offering Professional Editing Services then you can put up a post on different social media sites and interested employers will present you with different proposals. Understand these keys and introduce them n your business model. They will surely increase your market and bring you success. There are new opportunities sprouting every day you need to up your marketing game.

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