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5 Writing Tools for Social Media Marketers

There is nothing that has disrupted the traditional models of business more than the current digital trend. Being able to start and sustain a business on your own was a challenge in the pre-digital days, with most people opting for the most viable business options. This, in tandem, lowered the number of people being able to enter the world of business and entrepreneurship, and that led to diminished niche markets. For specialized purchases, there was really no other option than to physically visit said markets to get the items they wanted. That, however, was about to change.

The internet has provided a robust platform for international and local trade, and that has greatly simplified things for the most part. Products that ad to be purchased sight unseen at that point in time can now be visualized easily using technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. These simplifications pave the way for more consumer-focused options and minimize the probabilities for discrepancies in the process. Buyers have far more power to choose their sellers, and sellers can tailor their marketing, products, and services in a far better way.

Among the best platforms for starting and growing your business is social media. Nearly everyone on the planet uses some or the social media platform to stay in touch with friends and family. In this regard, reaching the customers directly on a platform they most frequent is a smart choice. However, that doesn’t mean anyone can walk in and get some cash. If anything, social media platforms have intense competition and rivalries, with every business trying to gain an edge over the others. In this situation, sound marketing strategies and compelling content are needed to engage with your target audience.

To solve that, you can scroll down and look at the best writing tools available for social media marketing. Although some of these might require an initial investment, they are worth the benefits you receive in exchange.


The overall best writing tool on this list, Grammarly can even be called your personal English language trainer, and that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. This tool has dramatically simplified the lives writers around the world, due to its easy to use interface and interactive correction systems. Simply put, Grammarly is a spellchecker, plagiarism checker in one package, making it a powerful weapon in the hands of both amateur and professional social media marketers. Where typically you would be reading through and rereading your copies and social media posts over and over again for improvements, Grammarly allows you to gain insights to the piece you’ve written and suggests amendments that can be made to level up your content.

Also, there is a neat plagiarism checker included in the paid version, which can be used for all manner of content. Whether they’re professional, marketing or academic documents, the plagiarism checker is adept at scanning multiple sources on the web t thoroughly scan your content for any instance of plagiarism. These are then highlighted, and the source that matches your content is also mentioned. This would allow you to write original content, and remove any instances of plagiarism that would impact its validity.


Even if you are not going to be the one writing content yourself, your social media pages still need something to avoid making it look empty. For that reason, it is perfectly justified to post articles and content created by others if you feel that it is relevant to your marketing agenda. In this case, you can take the help of Feedly to share content from one place and is a far better option than manually looking for blogs and judging them. Feedly allows users to arrange and organize multiple blogs from one platform and sort their latest posts. This way, the usual approach of subscribing to newsletters and emails is removed, and you have a platform that can be easily used to monitor and manage content.

One use case for this tool is by posting an article written by a different author, and commenting on, or discussing its subject. That will create engagement, and hopefully, the writers of that article might promote one of your blogs as well. Although this does detract from your own writing, it could be a great source of inspiration.


On social media, no one really has the time to scroll through written words any more. The vast majority of social media users tend to skip reading text, and instead opt for other forms of content. One such form which is interactive, as well as interesting is video posting. Videos are an excellent way of marketing your brand, as they offer users a more immersive experience, as compared to normal text posts. Compared to a normal text post, a video has text, visuals, animations, narrations and music. Therefore, it is far more attractive and has the power to grab viewers as they’re scrolling by, making it a powerful medium.

The videos you can make using Lumen5 are hardly a minute long. However, that doesn’t mean that they lack in content. You can easily transform any written blog into a video by providing a link, and the tool will immediately start breaking down the text to make a video. Depending on the topic of the text, the tool will attach suitable pictures and video clips, which can be changed if you’re not satisfied with them. In terms of functionality, this tool is indispensable for social media videos.

Google Trends

Among the better free tools on this list, Google Trends is a way of you to see the affairs of the world around us and use that information to write marketing content. All writers know the struggle of coming up with a topic to write, especially if it needs to be relevant immediately at the time of publishing. In that case, the topic needs to be fresh and have enough information for you to write on. At the same time, you need to forward your marketing agenda and tie it in with the content being written.

It is really easy to use too. By browsing current trends, which can be sorted by country, you can get an idea of the content to publish, and also follow up on how the trend progresses. You can also determine the effectiveness and volume of certain keywords, and use those criteria to tweak your marketing strategies with greater precision.


If you need to add some flare to your social media content and need some infographics to spice things up, Venngage is a free and easy tool to convert complex data into graphs. Before things turn into a lesson on statistics 101, the tool allows you to select a wide variety of graphs and templates that can be used to visualize data. If you browse around here, you will find templates for flyers, posts and blog headers that enable you to use these infographics to get your audience interested. Additionally, there are a ton of free, royalty-free photos, which can be used to add creativity to your social media posts and other content. For instance, if you were showcasing some Law Documents Editing Services, you can make a graph of the number of successful deliveries and the ratings of your writers, to attract potential clients.

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