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Five Tools to Help You Convert Your Website Traffic

1) HubSpot HubSpot is a one-stop solution for sales and marketing. It has all the tools available to help your business grow. It helps different teams work together on a single platform. The teams can work together by producing content, sharing leads and tracking them through different funnels. Sales and marketers can easily share the [...]

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Five Tips for Winning Freelance Writing Proposals

What are freelancing writing proposals? A freelance writing proposal is a short piece of writing that is written to convince employers that you are the best for the job they are offering. A proposal is sent when the employer has advertised a job and you wish to apply for it. There are tons and tons [...]

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Five Keys to Improving Content Marketing for Your Freelance Business

What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing is the production and distributing of creative content for a targeted audience. Content marketing is getting popular in the tech world. People are getting more and more involved as it is bringing them money. Bloggers are producing content on their particular niches and are attracting a large number of [...]

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Five Editing Tips for Creating Natural Dialogue

It is very hard for authors to depict emotion on the page; they spend countless days trying to spin the dialogues in such a way that they sound natural. They write, erase and then write again. That’s where authors spend most of their times. They want to make sure the dialogues sound as natural as [...]

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Boost Your E-book Sale – Hire an E-book Editor

Writing an E-book is a very exhausting task. You keep writing for days on end, in sickness and in health. You spend countless hours trying to come up with the best of the best content. You go through extreme pressure trying to make sure everything is perfect and there are no mistakes.  From planning out [...]

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Be a Better Writer – 5 Basic Guides for All ESL Writers

Writing English can be a difficult task for ESL writers. Many people are under the illusion that writing is an easy task and every one can do it. According to them you just have to join words and make sense of them. However, writing is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot [...]

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Engaging Your Reading Audience

A successful writer is someone who is able to grab the complete attention of their readers. It is very often seen that people do not complete the books that they were reading, or they shift from one blog to another without reading them fully. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe the reader has [...]

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Eliminating junk content from your essay

Writing an essay may seem like a very easy task. We’ve been taught to write essays from a very young age. Most people believe that there is a certain format to follow, and you’re good to go. However, there’s much more to writing an essay. There are several things you need to take care of [...]

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Creating Effective Transitions in Your Writing

What Are Transitions? Transitions are mostly words or phrases that prepare the reader for the new information coming their way. Transitions work as links in-between paragraphs and pieces of information to make the writing flow smoothly. What Is The Importance Of Transitions? Transitions are a big part of writing. Be it academic writing or professional [...]

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15 Topmost Dumb Mistakes That Doom Your EBook Readership

E-book– In simple words E-books are books that are available online and can be read on any electronic gadget. E-books are not restricted to any genre, they are just like normal books but available on the World Wide Web in a digital form. Many bloggers and authors are now inching towards E-Books. E-books are getting [...]

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